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About Us

ITC provides services related to all types of Industrial Coating Applications, including surface preparation, coatings, linings, and floor toppings.

Through its Plural Components Division, ITC offers Polyurea and Foam applications for roof systems, secondary containment, and insulation.

At 56 Telfair Place, Suite B in Savannah, Georgia, our office and blast yard offer convenience to our customers for easy drop off of shop fabricated components, pipe, and structural steel for ITC services.

With the proven track record of ITC’s experienced and well-respected management team your business can be confident that your Industrial Coating needs will be met and exceeded with ITC.

ITC is quickly becoming the preferred provider for Industrial Coating services with a reputation for high quality, timely completion of projects, reasonable pricing, and excellent safety record. Prolong the life of your industrial assets with ITC.