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Surface Prep (SSPC-SP3, Power Tool Cleaning Specification) Specification from Society for Protective Coatings

These specification describes methods of preparing metal surfaces by removing loose mill scale, loose rust and loose paint by wire-brushing, sanding, scraping or chipping with hand or power tools.

2 Part Paint System (Ameron)

Amerlock 400 HB Epoxy Mastic Uses and Properties:

  • Surface tolerant self priming top coat.
  • Self-priming topcoat over most existing coatings.
  • Suitable for application onto ultra high pressure hydro-blasted surfaces.
  • Compatible with prepared damp surfaces.
  • Compatible with adherent rust remaining on prepared surfaces.
  • Can be overcoated with a wide range of topcoats.
  • Resists high humidity and moisture.
  • Good chemical resistance to splash/spillage and fumes.
  • Suitable for use in drinking water (AS 4020 and NSF Standard 61 CLD23): selected colors only. Refer PPG Protective and Marine Coatings Technical Service for details.
  • Suitable for incidental food contact (USDA approved). Approved to APAS 2973, 2976 and 2977

PSX 700 is a special epoxy siloxane coating that is self-priming or can be used with a suitable primer. It offers a combination of outstanding corrosion resistance, abrasion resistancem and unparalleled long-term gloss and color retention in one product. Whether applied to structural steel, concrete floors or non-ferrous substrates, PSX 700 delivers longterm performance.

Why PSX provides you longer lifecycle service and cuts your coating costs

  1. The Si-O bond is very stable and resistant to attack by atmospheric oxygen even at very high temperatures. Organic polymers will oxidize and degrade under these conditions.
  2. The Si-O bond is unaffected by Ultraviolet radiation resulting in excellent weatherability exceeding any organic polymer.
  3. Siloxanes have very low viscosities so they can be formulated to very high solids and low VOCs.
  4. Siloxanes are hydrophobic, do not require isocyanates for curing, and have excellent compatibility with inorganic substrates.

PSX 700 Less than 100 grams per Liter VOC  Product Data Sheet & Application Instructions

Amercoat PSXPSX 700 is available in a broad ranging palette of colors from whites to pastels to deep colors of bright reds, yellows, oranges and deep blues and greens. In the PSX product line deep colors are referred to as “Group 3” colors due to their strength and resistance to ultra-violet damage. Safety colors such as “Safety Yellow” and “Safety Red” are Deep Colors.

We recommend you consider purchasing Amercoat 911 thinner or PPG 97-739 exempt VOC thinner which are blended to improve the application of PSX 700 in varying environmental conditions. Most applicators use Amercoat 911 for applications outside of California and PPG 97-739 for application in VOC regulated California so they can thin the PSX 700 up to 10%.

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